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Tuesday, January 24, 2012 | 12:17 AM | 0 talk (s)
Imagine for Tasya:: *i'll make it different this time* imagine that u're taemin's twin, duo TA. taemin:n0ona neomu yeppeo *singin* give me ur jajamyun..
tasya: andwe! st0p callin me n0ona taem, h0wever we're twin, n was b0rn at the same time.. n u b0rn first, in fact!
taemin: but im cuter than u're..
tasya: ne, arasseo,. yeppeo 0ppa!
taemin: yeppeo 0ppa? d0 u think i such a ye0ja..
tasya: ne.. *still eating*
taemìn:*take ur jajamyun*
tasya: yaa! taeminie! that's mine!! *try t0 take back*
taemin: andwe! *still eating*
tasya: PLUK! *hit taemin by sp0on*
taemin:*puppy* UWAAA UMMAAA! *cries*

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